Hundreds of words for snow

17 07 2015

The Inuit may have hundreds of words for snow, but leave it to the Japanese to come up with words expressing gradations and subtlety of perversity!

Tentacle Love

7 Words for Snow

16 07 2015

As the Eskimos were said to have seven words for snow, today’s Americans have a near-infinite vocabulary for gradations of awkwardness….

The Awkward Age


Fifty Words for Snow

15 07 2015

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‘Fifty Words for Snow’ Emily Baker by Ishi for Vogue Netherlands October 2014 [Editorial]

When Sorority Sisters Become Eskimo Sisters

14 07 2015

For the life of me, I’ll never understand it, but men, in many cases, really enjoy making Eskimo brothers out of people who were formally mere friends. If you’ve turned enough fraternity brothers into eskimo brothers you might even be named their sweetheart.

Total Sorority Move


How does one become an eskimo?

13 07 2015


It’s a life goal of mine to become a fully fledged eskimo. Do I simply flee to Northern Canada and ask the eskimo community if I can join?


  • Are you serious? First you have to prove your igloo building skills, perfectly round dome, little entrance tunnel, the works. Then you have to demonstrate your skills at catching fish out of that little circle in the ice. Then you have to pass a nose rubbing course.
  • Just move to the Arctic circle, build yourself an Igloo, get yourself a Husky and a hooded fur coat, and bingo
  • Did you know you can get Microsoft in Eskimo language?! (Inuktikut or something like that). I can just see them in their igloos…lmao.
  • You do know that they live in perfectly normal houses dont you? Igloos are only used on hunting parties, and that is very rare as a tent is a lot easier.
  • Well, for starters don’t say you want to be an Eskimo; it’s Inuit nowadays.

How does one become an eskimo?


Do you want to be an Eskimo?

12 07 2015

The very nice lady doing registrations asked me, “What is your child’s race”?
I was stunned. I never thought about it. I answered truthfully, “She was born in New York. She is an American.”
The lady said, “No, i mean “Caucasian”, “Asian”, etc…”
I said, “I am 100% white. My wife is 100% Asian, so she is half of both.”
I was getting annoyed and the nice lady could sense this. To take off the stress of the situation, she quickly added, “It doesn’t really matter” with a smile.

I said, “Ok, if it doesn’t really matter, what are the other choices?”
The nice lady read the list, and the last entry was ESKIMO.
I turned to my daughter and asked, “Hey Monika, do you want to be an Eskimo?”
My aspiring kindergartener promptly laughed, “Sure!”
I looked that the nice lady and said, “Make the kid an Eskimo!”


Kindergarten Registration: White? Asian? Choices? Eskimo!

From Tinsletown to the Tundra: The Leonardo DiCaprio Story

11 07 2015



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