Top 12 Inuit Deities

7 06 2011

Please see the original source Ballader’s Blog. I have only posted brief excerpts. Found the pictures on my own though!

  1. NARSSUK – The god of the west wind and a son of the god Sila. Narssuk was depicted as an enormous infant whose winds were generated by the flapping of his caribou- skin diaper. In some versions the goddess Pukimna made the diaper for him.
  2. SEQINEK – The Inuit sun goddess. The sun was her blazing torch, which she carried aloft as she ran across the sky. At night she would retire to the  dwelling she shared with her brother, the moon god Tarqeq.
  3. UNGAQ – The godling child who was a subaquatic “shepherd” for the sea goddess Sedna. Ungaq would round up all of the sea animals for Sedna when she wanted to withhold them from fishermen over violations of taboos or other acts which displeased her. 
  4. TAPASUMA – “The indweller in the land above”. The goddess who ruled over the supercelestial afterlife, as opposed to the subaquatic afterlife ruled over by Sedna. 
  5. KINAK – The mountain- sized god of the north winds. Like his brother wind gods he was a son of Sila. The blowing of the north wind was said to be caused by his breathing. His reclining body formed an entire mountain range. 
  6. TORNARSSUK – The polar bear god. He is sometimes depicted in human form and sometimes in polar bear form. 
  7. KATAUM – The sentinel who stood guard inside the doorway of Sedna’s  dwelling. Part of his job was to perpetually observe the world above and inform Sedna of any breaches of taboo. 
  8. PUKIMNA – The goddess of caribou. She lived in a remote dwelling and her home was surrounded by immense herds of caribou, which she controlled.
  9. NUNAM – The Earth goddess of the Inuit pantheon, in some traditions considered the wife of the god Sila. 
  10. SILA – The god of the weather and of the animating life-force, frequently manifested as the winds, which were looked on as the “breathing of the world.” 
  11. TARQEQ – The moon god. The moon is his partially burned out torch that he carries to light his way as he perpetually and lecherously chases his sister, the sun goddess Seqinek, whose fully lit torch is, of course, the sun. 
  12. SEDNA – The sea goddess and the most celebrated deity in the Inuit pantheon.  She was the daughter of the god and goddess Anguta and Isarrataitsoq. 




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7 06 2011

Thank you very much for the pingback!

11 06 2011

Some of these pictures are really neat!!

29 03 2012
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