Movie night

7 07 2011





Nicholas Ray’s epic 1959 film about Eskimo life was unfairly victimised on release, censored at the UK cinema, and neglected by both TV and home video for decades. The Savage Innocents continued Ray’s fascination with alternative lifestyles — examining the life of Eskimos and their remoteness from “civilised” values. It represents Ray’s first and most ambitious attempt to break free from Hollywood and forge his own route. Anthony Quinn (La StradaZorba the Greek) stars as Inuk, an Eskimo whose daily routine is a constant struggle to survive in one of the most hostile and hauntingly beautiful of climates. As Inuk’s family grows in number (and mouths to feed) a new society of white trappers with new weaponry begin to encroach Inuit land, making it harder for Inuk to live. When the clash of cultures results in the accidental death of a missionary, Inuk must use all his skills to keep one step ahead of the two Mounties (Peter O’Toole and Carlo Giustini) determined to bring the killer to justice. Criterion Dungeon

Wow – the main character is an Inuk named Inuk? Very creative.

When i was in primary school I had a pet mouse.  His name was Mouse. Maybe i can make a movie.






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