They’ve never seen a cow

4 08 2011

THEY’VE NEVER SEEN A COW – but now they drink fresh whole milk

In lands where cows don’t thrive, fresh whole milk has always been a scarce article. When obtainable at all, it’s expensive because it’s had to be shipped in by air, under refridgeration.

When’s been needed is a way to take whole milk, just as it comes from the cow, and can it so as to preserve the fresh milk quality and flavour for weeks or months without refridgeration.

On the basis of the experience that Continental scientists had accumulated in milk processing, they were asked to assist in the operation of a pilot milk-canning plant at the spotless “milking parlor” of a customer. Drawing upon accumulated knowledge, these Continental scientists helped develop a method of canning whole milk that was a success from every standpoint. These results led to the construction of the first full scale whole milk canning plant. This plant has already passed its first year of successful operation.

This new canned milk which stays fresh for months at room temperature is now being shipped to Alaska and South America and to Army and Navy installations. Its success is another example of how Continental scientists-by solving problems of processing and packing- help food producers improve the diet of millions of people.

Eskimo Pie Eskimos Learn How to Milk a Cow (Milka Chocolate) from Eskimo Pie Eskimo’s Obscure Mountain Tour




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