Better Igloos

27 08 2011


Indoor Inflatable Igloo Interior

After the inflatable wall, here are the igloo interior inflatable indoor luna. All the benefits of an igloo without the disadvantage of the life of Eskimos. So fun and original, this inflatable structure to create a room within a room, like a cocoon where you can isolate yourself when you meet with family or friends. An inflatable bubble of modern times. Here.

Unique Building Eskimo Nations

Here we will see the unique architecture of Eskimos who live above the Arctic circle have a unique home that called Igloo, in say unique because all the houses made of ice and half-round shape (Dome) and a door into a cylinder. Like any other human being needs a home, people also have reason Eskimo Igloo to create shelter from the cold, wild animals (wild animals like polar bears). Igloo building has a strong construction as made with melted ice that is not easy and they make Igloo time when winter is coming so it can be said if the house is a house of this type that exists only temporary winter time because during warm season (summer / summer ) Igloo will melt. The temperature inside the igloo house is quite warm and comfortable and unaffected live outside temperature which can be up to -45 degrees Celsius and all activities carried out in the house. Building a simple but very useful. Here.

Fridge Igloo

The Fridge Igloo by artist Ralf Schmerberg’s built from 322 old fridges in Hamburg. Here.


Stationary working area realised by combined compact laminate plate uprights and shelves with optional built-in desk. Here.



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