The Naked Truth

18 09 2011

These are some facts that I have learnt about the Inuits.

  1.  Inuit’s live in the Arctic, North Pole.
  2. They live in Canada, Greenland and USA.
  3. Eskimos – Nasty Term.
  4. Trees are unable to grow on the Arctic Tree Line.
  5. Too cold in the area they live in.
  6. Ancestors spread out from Alaska.
  7. Early Inuit followed nomadic lifestyle.
  8. Nomadic means they move with the seasons.
  9. They relied on fish, whale, polar bear, caribou, walrus etc.
  10. Seals are their most common prey.

We can thank PeeDawg for this brilliant list.




One response

12 09 2012

***1. Inuit live in the arctic****
Inuit (many)
Inuk (one person)
dont need an ‘s in Inuit

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