10 05 2012

Is penguin edible? I think this is a question for google.

Are penguins edible, for human consumption?

Best Answer:

Yes, they are edible. But eating them is currently “frowned upon”
Here is an answer to the same question (when asked by a middle schooler) that was written by a research assistant based at Palmer Station in Antarctica:
“Yes, penguins are edible by humans. Many of the early expeditions
to Antarctica supplemented their diets with fresh penguin meat during
their long voyages, especially since the food that they brought was
often lacking in nutrients or sometimes spoiled. The members of
some expeditions also ate penguin eggs for the same reasons.
There are a few locations where egg collection is still carried out by
people, but not at the same scale as during the age of exploration.
At present, eating penguins or seals is frowned upon for reasons of
conservation and ecosystem preservation.”

Worst Answer:

Of course, many cold weather cultures depend on them to supplement their diets. They are oily and strong flavored but high in protein.

Are penguins edible? I’m opening a resturaunt and i want to have them on the menu. where can i get them?

Best Answer:

A better question would be “Do penguins taste good?” I bet you can eat them, but if you did get your hands on some for cooking they aren’t going to be cheap. I recommend a sizeable price tag on that menu item.

Worst Answer:

Only if you are a polar bear and the heart is still beating!





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