From the land of the Eskimos …to help fill your market basket

31 05 2012

In far off Greenland, the Eskimos know a remarkable stone which – strangely enough – helps to fill your market basket here at home!

Called by the Eskimos “the ice that neither floats nor melts,” this strange ore, known as “cryolite,” is processed by Penn-salt into powerful insecticides that protect crops from destructive chewing insects, help to produce food in rich abundance.

For over 80 years, Pennsalt has imported cryolite from Greenland, and has pioneered in the development of cryolite insectices and other cryolite products that improve the manufacture of many things, from glass to enamelled ware. And Cryolite is but one of Pennsalt’s many chemical products that benefit industry, home and farm.




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