Save an Inuit, club a seal

2 01 2013

Sir Paul McCartney graced Canada with a visit last week to spread his dual messages of good will and anti-seal hunting. Positioning himself and his wife for some key photo-ops with the most adorable seals money could buy, he pranced through the arctic amongst the precious creatures and preached  about why Canada should stop the seal hunt. Touting intellectual reasons like the seals’ defencelessness and the hunt being barbaric and cruel or something, Sir Paul urged Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take action and stop the hunt.

Clubbing seals is as Canadian as maple syrup, and has been part of our tradition since we first landed here… I understand most people hold a very poor view of our First Nations peoples, but they do use modern technology and don’t take joy in cruelly clubbing infantile seals as they cry their final “Ar… ar… ar…”

Contrary to common arguments, modern seal hunting is as humane as controlled forest burns and lacks the barbaric stigma it’s associated with.

Read the rest at The Gauntlent.





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