Eskimo Costume

31 10 2013

Eskimo Costume

An Eskimo Costume for women and girls is a wonderful choice for winter, Christmas and Halloween dressing up and parties. Wrap for cold in faux fur, snow boots and sweet pom poms.

You’ve made a brilliant choice in selecting an Eskimo Costume which makes an adorable outfit for girls and also looks highly attractive on women with outfits consisting of short skirts and boot tops lined with plush, white faux fur.

Be a winter goddess with the Eskimo Costume ideas you’ll discover on this page. You can choose to buy a ready-made outfit or use the tips here to put together your own design of Eskimo style.

Step 1 – A Basic Eskimo Costume


Dress Like an Eskimo

Nowadays, Eskimo (Inuit and Yupik peoples) wear modern clothing. Traditionally they wore animal skins like Caribou skins to keep them warm and protect them from the freezing cold weather. So most Eskimo Costumes will be in a tan or chocolate brown with faux fur accents.

A cute Eskimo dress for a child or woman will be hooded, lined with faux fur around the hood and bottom of the skirt. It might feature cute pom poms too because some traditional Eskimo outfits were beautifully made with the addition of fur pieces and beading.

This well-rated Eskimo outfit from California Costumes includes the hooded dress and boot covers too. Having the hood gives you the option to wear it with the hood up to hide most of your hair or with the hood down if you want to emphasize some other accessory such as some cute ear muffs or braided hair.

The boot covers can easily be worn over the top of your own boots like a pair of Ugg boots or similar.

Step 2 – Eskimo Hair and Wigs


Dark Long Hair

If you’re going for that traditional Eskimo look, then you need to opt for dark brown to black hair. Blonde Eskimo’s were simply not as common as dark haired ones. If you look at archives of old photos showing Eskimo women, they tended to grow their hair extremely long and would often tie it back in some fashion – there are lots of photos depicting women with 2 braids, one at either side of their face.

If you have long hair to work with, you can braid it yourself or purchase a long, dark haired wig that you can braid or leave loose and flowing underneath the hood of your Eskimo dress.

Step 3 – Footwear


Mukluk Eskimo / Inuit Boots

Traditional Eskimo or Inuit boots are long boots known commonly as Mukluks. These are soft boots often made from reindeer or seal skins. Mukluks can be lined with fur from animals such as rabbits, raccoons and foxes and might be decorated with pom poms and beading. They would be long to help insulate the feet well from cold creeping in. You can purchase traditional Eskimo boots or go for a long boot topped with faux fur.

Step 4 – Accessories


Cute Pom Poms

It may be very cliche or stereotyped but pom poms and Eskimo costumes are well associated. You will often see pom poms hanging from the neckline of the dress and from the boots too. You can buy ready made pom poms to decorate your own outfit or boots with. Or you could have a go at making your own with some wool. Just wind some wool around the prongs of a fork, then tie a knot between the wool in the middle prongs and snip the wool at each end of the form before slipping off your pop pom.

Step 5 – Eskimo Make Up


Makeup Ideas for an Eskimo

Traditional Eskimo peoples of old would not have worn any makeup. If that’s the look you want to capture then you need a nude face which you can smooth out with a good foundation, perhaps a slick of lip gloss and some blusher to give that rosy cheeked look that you tend to get from being out in the cold.  

For a fantasy Eskimo style, you might want to have a frosty makeup style and go wild with some white mascara or fake eyelashes which look like they’re covered in frost.

Thank you, Wizzley.




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