Do you want to be an Eskimo?

12 07 2015

The very nice lady doing registrations asked me, “What is your child’s race”?
I was stunned. I never thought about it. I answered truthfully, “She was born in New York. She is an American.”
The lady said, “No, i mean “Caucasian”, “Asian”, etc…”
I said, “I am 100% white. My wife is 100% Asian, so she is half of both.”
I was getting annoyed and the nice lady could sense this. To take off the stress of the situation, she quickly added, “It doesn’t really matter” with a smile.

I said, “Ok, if it doesn’t really matter, what are the other choices?”
The nice lady read the list, and the last entry was ESKIMO.
I turned to my daughter and asked, “Hey Monika, do you want to be an Eskimo?”
My aspiring kindergartener promptly laughed, “Sure!”
I looked that the nice lady and said, “Make the kid an Eskimo!”


Kindergarten Registration: White? Asian? Choices? Eskimo!



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