How does one become an eskimo?

13 07 2015


It’s a life goal of mine to become a fully fledged eskimo. Do I simply flee to Northern Canada and ask the eskimo community if I can join?


  • Are you serious? First you have to prove your igloo building skills, perfectly round dome, little entrance tunnel, the works. Then you have to demonstrate your skills at catching fish out of that little circle in the ice. Then you have to pass a nose rubbing course.
  • Just move to the Arctic circle, build yourself an Igloo, get yourself a Husky and a hooded fur coat, and bingo
  • Did you know you can get Microsoft in Eskimo language?! (Inuktikut or something like that). I can just see them in their igloos…lmao.
  • You do know that they live in perfectly normal houses dont you? Igloos are only used on hunting parties, and that is very rare as a tent is a lot easier.
  • Well, for starters don’t say you want to be an Eskimo; it’s Inuit nowadays.

How does one become an eskimo?




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