Eskimos Have A Word For Every Dating Situation

13 09 2015

not one of them rhymes with orange

25 08 2015


a hundred words for ‘grits.’

21 08 2015


7 Words for Snow

16 07 2015

As the Eskimos were said to have seven words for snow, today’s Americans have a near-infinite vocabulary for gradations of awkwardness….

The Awkward Age


Fifty Words for Snow

15 07 2015

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‘Fifty Words for Snow’ Emily Baker by Ishi for Vogue Netherlands October 2014 [Editorial]

The 44 Different Words for Snow and Ice in Inuit Languages

2 07 2015

“In the 1980s, rumors circulated to the existence of 35 words for snow. In 2010, it is alternately 60, 75, 100, or 400 words, according to different sources…

“What you’ll find, until someone receives a grant to live among the Circumpolar Peoples around the top of earth for 10 years and record each word for snow, is that the Inuit-related peoples may have two dozen different words, but probably not 400.

“Among Northern European, Asian, Alaskan, Canadian, and Greenland-area Inuits and relations that somehow deniers do not want to think are related, there may well be 100 words for snow, but we don’t know for sure.”


“We must check all the dialects of Inuit and related languages, before deciding that there are only a dozen words for snow, ice, or both. Already found are at last 44.”



  • Don’t believe that there are not 100 Inuit-related words for snow,
  • Don’t believe that there ARE 100 such words, yet.
  • We DO know that there are at least 44 different words for SNOW and ICE in Inuit dialects, to date. Further research expeditions are needed.”

The 44 Different Words for Snow and Ice in Inuit Languages


Words for Snow Cone

19 06 2015
Cartoon by Joe Dator in the New Yorker, 09/29/2014.

Cartoon by Joe Dator in the New Yorker, 09/29/2014.


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